New WhatsApp update to add simple but really useful feature


WhatsApp is now back up and running after a major outage left many of its billion users unable to access the service earlier this week.

Now, the Facebook owned messaging app is testing a brand new feature that could be one its most useful yet.

The feature is similar to that found on another instant messaging app, Slack and allows users to pin certain messages to the top of the app. This is particularly useful if you are frequent messager and have dozens of conversations in your inbox.

The feature can only be used in the beta version at present and no date has been announced about when a full rollout will take place, but rumours seem to suggest that it will be available on Android and iOS in “the coming months”.

The feature works by the user pressing and holding the chat that will then result in several options being offered such as pin, delete or mute the conversation.

Several new features have been added since the popular app was acquired by Facebook in 2014 and another feature on the horizon could be the ability for users to unsend embarrassing messages have they have been sent.

This will only be available if the double-blue tick isn’t showing and will once again involve pressing and holding the message.

Selfie-sharing app Snapchat has a feature that allows you to post self-deleting images and WhatsApp has something very similar called WhatsApp Status, where videos or GIFs disappear after 24 hours. Like regular WhatsApp messages, the updates are also encrypted.


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