New WhatsApp update will put an end to annoying notifications


The world’s leading messaging app, WhatsApp has created a new option which will be known as ‘Reply Privately’.

As the name would suggest, it allows users to reply privately and is designed primarily for group conversations and allows only the person you are messaging to see what you have typed.

The feature is described as being more like a shortcut than a new concept but it still viewed as being extremely useful.

According to WABetaInfo, the feature will only be available in group chats which would make sense although has not yet been confirmed.

To use the option, you simply hold down a message and a bubble will appear giving you the ability to reply privately and have a one-to-one chat. When you send your reply, their message from the group chat will appear as a quote.  

The feature could certainly save users from embarrassment if you are not entirely happy sharing something with the whole group.

In addition, WhatsApp has also developed picture-in-picture mode for videos sent through WhatsApp. This allows you to watch and play videos inside the app in a floating window that can be moved or altered in size.

This is a feature that we have known about for some time especially with YouTube videos, but we are led to believe that the picture-in-picture could soon apply to all videos.

The features are yet to roll out to users, as they’re still in development, but will be released if and when WhatsApp thinks they’re ready to go live.

Via: WABetaInfo


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