New Wi-Fi security flaw lets hackers hijack your iPhone


Security experts have discovered a Wi-Fi flaw that could allow hackers to secretly hijack your iPhone and install malicious apps onto the device.

The experts were able to demonstrate how they hacked an iPhone and installed malicious apps by exploiting the flaw in Wi-Fi security.

The attack, which is carried out with the user being aware, is similar to the KRACK exploit discovered in October.

A team of security experts from Tencent Keen Security Lab demonstrated the exploit at the Pwn2Own hacking contest, where they took the top prize of $110,000 at the event held in Tokyo.

Full details of the flaw have not been made public in order to allow Apple to release a security patch.

“Once we verify the research presented is a true 0-day exploit, we immediately disclose the vulnerability to the vendor, who then has 90 days to release a fix.”

“Representatives from Apple, Google, and Huawei are all here and able to ask questions of the researchers if needed, researchers from the Zero Day Initiative who run the event said.

“At the end of the disclosure deadline, if a vendor is unresponsive or unable to provide a reasonable statement as to why the vulnerability is not fixed, the ZDI will publish a limited advisory including mitigation in an effort to enable the defensive community to protect users.”

The news comes after Apple earlier this week released iOS 11.1, which contained a security update to protect users against the KRACK security vulnerability that was discovered in October.

The vulnerability, which was described as “unprecedented” affects almost all devices with a Wi-Fi connection and allows hackers to exploit Wi-Fi security to gain access to devices.


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