New Windows 10 features will change the way you use your laptop


Microsoft might be about to launch a host of new products at its event next week but the tech giant has also been busy quietly adding new features to Windows 10.

The new features, which are available in the latest beta version of Windows add a host of customization tweaks and other options for trackpad gestures on laptops.

Microsoft already introduced the option to be able to control parts of your laptop using a variety of hand gestures with the release of Windows 10.

But in this latest beta version, users are now given the option to do much more with a series of new hand gestures that can be used to help with multitasking, switching between apps and revealing your desktop.

Via the Advanced Gestures Configuration page, Microsoft has also added an option so that you can use gestures to play or skip to the next song when listening to music, snapping a window so that it fills the full screen and creating or deleting a virtual desktop.

Windows 10 gestures

While all of these functions can be done currently using a keyboard, it is undoubtedly easier to use hand gestures and could also be a sign of what Microsoft has planned for its next major update of Windows 10, which is expected to be released in March 2017.

Last week, Microsoft released a number of important security patches following the discovery of some major vulnerabilities in Windows 10 which affected its Edge browser, Internet Explorer and Office.

According to Microsoft some of the vulnerabilities were linked to zero day flaws.

On October 26, the day before Apple is expected to launch its new MacBook Pro, Microsoft is tipped to unveil its new all in one Surface PC, which will be the first device built and powered exclusively by Microsoft.

The device, nicknamed ‘Surface Cardinal’, will reportedly be available in 21, 24, 27 inch sized display.

Via: Windows Report


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