New Windows 10 update is great news for bookworms


Windows 10 may become a reading hub when a new update is available from Microsoft.

As part of the upcoming Windows 10 Creator Update when the tech giant will unveil a new ebook store.

The new service will allow users to download ebooks direct to their device in a similar manner to existing offerings available on iOS and Android.

It was MSPowerUser that revealed the users will be able to both buy and read ebooks via the Edge browser.

They went on to explain that the feature will not be exclusive to PCs but also available on versions of Windows 10 Mobile and Surface Pro 4 devices.

The new feature will have several custom options including the facility to change the font.

Image: MSPoweruser

Image: MSPoweruser

Microsoft have long shown their support for ebooks such as launching EPUB file type (needed to read many texts) on Microsoft Edge. This allows users to quickly bookmark their place.

Windows 10 Creator Update is expected to launch in April and it will be a major software upgrade with plenty of new tools available for those involved in the media and design industries.

The update will also bring upgrades for 3D modelling, virtual reality support, gaming, and social media.

The Creator Update is also seen as a major breakthrough in allowing Windows 10 to be the central hub of your smart home.

‘Home Hub’ software will take on the likes of Amazon Echo and Google Home and create login-free desktop shares between family members.

The software will also let users control connected home devices using voice commands with Microsoft’s digital assistant Cortana.

The downside of the new update is that users will probably start seeing more adverts than ever before as part of the Windows 10 Share Tool.


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