New Windows 10 update lets users send SMS via Skype


Windows 10 Preview Build 14931 has recently been announced by Microsoft.

The new Windows 10 update is now available for users in the Windows Insider programme. Although there are not too many new updates there are plenty of app updates.

These include an update to the dark mode, as well as the introduction of a new settings page for Feedback Hub and Feedback Author.

Perhaps more interestingly, it is now possible to send SMS and MMS via Skype if it is setup as your default messaging app.

Windows 10 Skype SMS

Windows 10 Maps allows users to check on traffic during busy periods as well as being able to select a light or dark mode along with allowing users to change the themes.

There will also be native support for USB Audio 2.0 devices that have an inbox class driver.

A selection of new fixes are included such as the fix for the problem that caused some users to experience a black screen whenever they sign out or switch to a new user.

Built in apps such as Calculator, Voice Recorder and the Alarm Clock were also not working properly but this has now been addressed.

“We are continuing to investigate two issues that came up with last week’s flight of Build 14926 for Mobile.

After upgrading to Build 14926, some insiders reported that the pin pad is no longer visible to unlock their phone even after rebooting the phone and some phones lost the ability to use their SIM card. In both cases, a hard reset of resolves the issue,” the Windows team said in a blog post.


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