New Windows 10 update will squeeze more power and performance from your PC


Microsoft is reportedly working on a new Game Mode for Windows 10 with the intention of boosting power and performance whenever your PC is being used for gaming.

The new update may be available alongside the Windows 10 Creators Update due to be released later this year.

According to our sources, the new feature will let Windows 10 automatically adjust the resources of the CPU and GPU, moving them away from apps that are running in the background and more towards the game that the user is playing – effectively allowing Windows 10 to act more like a home games console.

As a result of allocating the majority of the device’s power to running games, your PC will work in the same was as a regular gaming device, such as Microsoft’s very own Xbox One.

Assuming that this does happen, it would be a clear indication that Microsoft are taking the PC gaming market very seriously.

This is not the first move that Microsoft have made to blur the lines between games consoles and multi-purpose Windows 10 devices. The Xbox One now runs a variation of Windows 10 and the launch of gamemode.dll files on Windows 10 hints at further cross-pollination.

Microsoft are yet to confirm whether the news is correct but they are pushing ahead with the Windows 10 Creators Update, the next major update of Microsoft’s operating system, that is expected to be launched in early 2017 and the Game Mode is likely to feature as part of this.

The latest news comes after Microsoft rolled out a new feature that quickly helps users decipher Windows error messages, in order to help them determine what may be wrong with their PC or laptop.

The new tool called, Fix Windows Update Errors, is available on Microsoft’s official support site.


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