The next Samsung smartwatch will be round


Samsung Electronics, the largest technology company in South Korea, released a teaser poster of a round watch screen on its website on Friday, hinting that the next version of its smartwatch will be circular in shape, much like the highly praised Moto 360.

The image, which reads “Get Ready For The Next Gear”, shows what appears to be a round smartwatch, which would be the first version that Samsung has produced in that shape.

Samsung soon to launch round Gear smartwatch

The previous versions of Samsung’s Galaxy Gear smartwatches were all rectangular, like the Apple Watch, but they did not sell very well at all.

Samsung has not however provided any hints or details specs, or even the launch timeframe for the new smartwatch.

Some industry pundits had expected Samsung to release a smartwatch earlier, alongside the introduction of its latest high-end smartphones – the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge, but they did not do so, apparently to focus instead on promoting the advanced technology and benefits of the new phones.

In 2014, Samsung announced the Galaxy S6 alongside the Samsung Gear Fit and the Samsung Gear 2 smartwatches. And earlier this year, LG Electronics released its latest smartwatch, the G Watch R, that had a rounded 1.3-inch OLED display.

Samsung Galaxy Gear Smartwatch

Samsung’s main smartphone rival, Apple, started sales of the Apple Watch worldwide on Friday, and the new device sold out in just six hours for the preorders.

In the meantime, Samsung has said it will give developers early access to its development tools, so they can build new apps for the upcoming Gear device. That will be the first time that Samsung has released wearable software development kits to third parties before an official product announcement.

“We are collaborating with our global partners to provide a better Samsung Gear experience for users”, the new poster said. “We welcome more developers to join us on this journey”.

SOURCE: Korea Herald