Next time you are sent a scam email, forward it to this address


At last!: Company creates a chat bot to give email scammers a taste of their own medicine

Something that will bring a smile to many people’s faces is an artificially intelligent bot that can bombard email scammers with a never-ending stream of questions.

Known as Re:scam, it is designed to annoy scammers until they give up. It was created by Netsafe, which says it is time that web users “fought back”.

At the time of writing, our AI friend has sent over 25,000 emails to scammers which amounts to 25 days of wasted time!

“I adopt one of my many personalities to continue the conversations of any would-be victim,” the bot, which also describes itself as “super-interested” and “a bit naive”, it says.

“I waste their time with a never-ending series of questions and anecdotes so that they have less time to pursue real people. Just like you, I mqke typos, and jokes that no one appreciates.

“They won’t know when they’re scamming, or getting scammed out of their own time. It’s bad for business.”

Figures released by Netsafe suggested that around $12 billion is lost annual around the world to phishing scams.

If you believe that you have been targeted by an email scam, Netsafe urge you to forward it to Re:scam and they will check if it is a scam or not. If it is, the scammer can expect to be the
lucky recipient of a stream of emails!

“Deleting a scam email protects you, but forwarding to [email protected] protects others,” says Re:scam.

“It’s also kinda funny.”


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