Nike releases new limited edition Apple Watch, which you probably won’t be able to buy


Nike has announced the release of a limited-edition Apple Watch which will be dubbed ‘Apple Watch NikeLab’.

The new device is so restricted in number and availability that it won’t even be available through Apple Stores unless you live in Isetan, Tokyo.

The others will be available through eight NikeLab stores around the world, and via the Nike website.

The device will not be available until 27 April.

The prices haven’t been confirmed yet but we are led to believe that the 38mm version will be around THB16,500, and THB17,800 for the 42mm version.

Apple Watch Nike Lab

The problem with this new version is that it appears to be nothing remarkable.

It seems to be the same as the Apple Watch Nike+, just with new colours! This is a ‘Space Grey’ and ‘Light Bone’ that does little to get pulses racing. There are no new features over its predecessors.

That means the existing model’s integrated GPS tracking, inbuilt heart rate sensor and waterproof design are all carried across.

Elsewhere, watchOS 3.2 software still runs the show.

This new Apple Watch NikeLab is certainly not the model to excite people as had been anticipated. Perhaps the excitement will come from the Apple Watch 3 which due to be unveiled in September, potentially with that coveted round display in tow.


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