Nikon selfie stick lets you snap even more nauseating photos


Camera company Nikon has just announced its own branded selfie stick for use with its Coolpix cameras. The N-MP001 (Selfie Stick) works with the following Coolpix models: S6900, L32, AW130, S33, S7000, S3700 and the S9900.

Nikon selfie stick helps you look like a moron

The selfie stick itself measures just 7.28 inches when collapsed, and 28.54 inches when its fully extended, weights just 6.56 ounces and can be used with cameras that weigh up to 14 ounces.

It works simply by connecting to the tripod socket on the camera, and has its own tripod socket on the bottom of the handle to attach onto a separate one. There’s a foam grip and hand strap so you can easily carry it around when not posing with your buddies.

Nikon Selfie Stick

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A fixed ‘pan head’ means you can easily change the position of the attached camera, and it can also be used with a timer, according to Nikon’s website.

The Nikon selfie stick is available now for pre-order at US outlets such as B&H and Adorama, and costs $59.95, but there’s no indication yet when it will finally ship or when it will be available internationally.

Do we really need another selfie stick though? The Nikon stick comes at a time when venues all over the world such as stadiums, museums and concert halls are banning them.

It remains to be seen how popular the Nikon selfie stick will be, but you can’t blame the company for trying to cash in on the latest craze in taking photos.


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