Nintendo shoots down rumours that its new NX console uses Android


Japanese games company Nintendo has denied the rumours that its next console, currently known as the NX, will use Google’s Android operating system.

The rumour emerged earlier this week, and suggested that the machine might run Android to make it easier for games developers to make games. Based on a report from the Far East, the rumours said that it’s not a Wii U or a 3DS replacement, according to Nintendo, and that it would be loaded with Android to speed up getting developers onboard.

Nintendo says no truth to the Android rumours

The Kyoto-based company told online news agencies that it would not comment on rumours, but now the they have made a definitive statement to the Wall Street Journal.

“There is no truth to the report saying that we are planning to adopt Android for NX”, a spokesperson said.

So it seems that’s the end of it. But a switch to Android did seem like a fairly radical move for Nintendo, suggesting that it wanted to have a larger project of encouraging developers to move to the new system (and maybe even its games to other devices like Android smartphones).

Nintendo has recently made a deal with mobile games company DeNA to make smartphone games, and the Android rumour made a little bit of sense in that context.

But now everybody seems as bemused as ever, as we know that the NX is a “new concept” and will be unveiled fully in 2016, and will of course probably run some kind of Mario Kart game, amongst others. But the denial of the use of Android makes us even more curious what Nintendo has up its copious sleeves.

SOURCE: Wired.


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