Nintendo Switch to get original Punch-Out release


Nintendo and arcade fans of yesteryear will fondly remember the dual-screen arcade cabinet version of Punch-Out!!, and the subsequent home console version on the NES that became a cult classic.

Nintendo has recently announced that their Switch will soon be graced with the original Arcade version called Arcade Archives Punch-Out!!

The official Japanese release date according to Impress Game Watch is March 30th, however, there is no official word on a European or North American release as yet.

Fans of the franchise who may not remember the Dual Screen Arcade unit can see it in the image below.

The new Nintendo Switch version has the ability to place the two screens either above or beside one another, leaving it to the players to choose their favourite orientation.


The original arcade unit used one screen to the show the actual fight and the other to display the score, time and status of the fighter you are up against, such as Little Mac, Glass Joe, and Mr. Sandman.

The new version is being developed by Hamster, who have developed other Nintendo titles including the original Mario Bros.

The original arcade version was released in 1983 and became an instant success in Japan and was released in North America the following year receiving the same success.

Since the Arcade release, they have been many versions released on the NES, Super Nintendo, Nintendo Wii and Nintendo DS / 3DS.


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