Nintendo Switch hacked to run Linux


Consoles over the years have always been subject to hacking in one form or another, I remember taking a hacksaw to my English SEGA Megadrive so I could fit imported Japanese cartridges in, then when I upgraded to the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (S.N.E.S.) all it took was some basic soldering knowledge to be able to play Japanese Imports.

The obvious reason for hacking a new console is of course to have the ability to play pirates games as first seen with the first Sony PlayStation where I remember for some games to work you had to turn the console upside down, bizarre is that may seem it worked!

However, as today’s consoles are far more advanced with stricter security measures they have become more difficult to hack which is to be expected when you realise millions of dollars have been invested in their development.

Another reason to hack a console is to allow users to run any software they like on their hardware, running Linux on the relatively brand new Nintendo Switch is a massive achievement and has been applauded within the hacking community.

The hacking collective named fail0verflow two weeks ago tweeted a photo showing the Nintendo Switch apparently booting up in Linux. This collective is one of a few teams who is attempting to exploit the Switch further by using the Nvidia Tegra hardware that the Switch uses.

Since the photo was released fail0verflow have created a video showing a complete Linux Distro working on hacked Nintendo Switch. The video shows, fully operational web browser, touchscreen functions and a GPU-powered demo application.

The group claimed in a recent tweet that no modchip is required and the bug they have exploited negates the security in the Nintendo Switch and would be impossible to patch on the current hardware configuration. They have yet to release any details on how to do this hack yourself.


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