NMG and partners navigate new route with launch of driver app ZogZag77


NATION MULTIMEDIA GROUP (NMG) together with PTT, the Tourism Authority of Thailand and Thaivivat Insurance yesterday launched ZogZag77, a concierge application for drivers travelling throughout Thailand.

The location-based app is designed to provide all necessary information to drivers, no matter what the purpose of the trip – work or tourism.

The information includes locations of petrol stations, OTOP products, local products and services, insurance and tourism-related events and attractions.

Pana Janviroj, an adviser to the chairman of Nation Multimedia Group, said ZogZag77 was developed as a must-have app for motorists since it serves as an assistant to provide data based on how they drive.

“It’s not just an app to help people driving through the provinces but is meant to help stimulate the local economy by making local business information easily accessible to people passing through certain parts of provinces, and in the process boost local businesses,” he said.

ZogZag77 will provide facts on local businesses, such as shops and restaurants, located up to 20 kilometres from the user’s current location.

ZogZag77 is targeting 500,000 downloads this year, which is only 5 per cent of the 10 million vehicles outside Bangkok.

There are 15 million vehicles on the road in the whole country.

Initially ZogZag77 will be updated with 10 new products and service promotions but it hopes to offer up to 100 promotional items later.

The content of ZogZag77 will come from the Nation Group and its partners, but in the near future contributions related to driving and travel information, especially on local products, services, promotions and events, will be allowed.

“We have a team to verify the contents from users before getting them published.

“Since we want ZogZag77 to be an app for drivers and for local people passing through, one part of it is designed for user-generated content,” he said.

Around 1,500 PTT gas stations nationwide are shown on the app and 148 of them give more details on OTOP shops located at the stations.

“Now, ZogZag77’s database has 100,000 restaurants, 30,000 hotels and over 10,000 local shops.

The content will continue to increase rapidly,” he said.

Suchat Ramarch, executive vice president at PTT’s retail oil marketing unit, said ZogZag77 is a significant channel for drivers to access PTT’s products and services.

Not only OTOP shops, which are now being piloted at 148 gas stations, are available on the app, but also information and promotions of Jiffy, Amazon, petrol stations and Blue Card are accessible via this app.

Thepphan Asvatanakul, executive vice president of Thaivivat, said drivers and travellers can buy vehicle insurance and travel insurance instantly via ZogZag77.

“We make it easy for people to get insurance, whether car insurance or travel insurance. We offer both annual insurance and top-up insurance,” he said.


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