No, Brad Pitt isn’t dead: Facebook users warned not to fall for latest scam


Facebook users are being warned about a fake news story has gone viral on the social network.

Entertainment news site TMZ are reporting that heartless hackers are taking advantage of the recent Brangelina breakup by fooling unsuspecting fans into clicking on a fake news story.

The post, which looks like it is a news report from Fox News claims movie star Brad Pitt has died, with actor apparently being found hanged after committing suicide.

Anyone who then clicks on the article are then redirected to a third party website where they are asked to authorise a malicious app before reading the fake story.

After falling for hoax, hackers could then potentially access your personal information or take over your account.

Brad Pitt Facebook hoax

A spokesperson for Facebook confirmed it is aware of the story and added the fake app should now have been removed from the social network.

Users who suspect a news story might be fake are advised to report the post to Facebook so the company can learn about it and take the necessary steps to try and prevent it from appearing on the social network in the future.

This isn’t the first time hackers have targeted users of the popular social network.

Earlier this year, hackers were found to be tricking users into clicking on fake notifications in order to try and get them to open harmful or malicious links.

The notifications claimed to be from a friend, however, once they were clicked, it initiated a two stage attack which infected machines and took over the victim’s Facebook profile.



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