No evidence of Petya ransomware in Thailand – yet


There have been no reported cases of the Petya ransomware in Thailand, the Minister for Digital Economy and Social Affairs said on Wednesday.

Mr. Pichet Drapongviwat confirmed that while there are increasing reports of the Petya ransomware infecting computers in the US, Europe, the Middle East and most recently in Australia, there as of yet have not been any reports the ransomware is in Thailand.

Mr Pichet called on the relevant agencies to monitor the situation carefully over the next 24 hours, Voice TV reported.

He said that while the Petya ransomware is more dangerous than the recent WannaCry ransomware, there is no need to panic.

Mr Pichet advised businesses and consumers to be wary of any suspicious emails containing links and to ensure that all computer systems are kept up to date with the latest software and security patches.

Any business or consumer that does think their computer has been infected with Petya need to call Thailand’s cyber security surveillance hotline on 1212.

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