No Man’s Sky coming to Xbox One includes a major update


Xbox One owners who have been craving for the procedurally generated sci-fi game, No Man’s Sky, have to wait no longer with a release imminent.

The original game was a PS4 and PC exclusive when launched in 2016.

Hello Games who developed the title recently announced the new Xbox One version along with a major new update for Ps4 and PC owners will be released sometime this year.

The new Xbox One will include all previous expansion packs Atlas Rises, Foundation and Pathfinder while the new update will come pre-installed.

The box art for the Xbox version shows the game will be enhanced with 4K and HDR capabilities, other features are yet to be announced.

No Man's Sky

The publisher 505 Games will be responsible for the global distribution of the Xbox One version. The company have previously handled Payday 2 and Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons.

Hello games described the update as “an important next step in a journey for No Man’s Sky.”

The update will be made available for free to PS4 and PC owners.

Video game reviewer Peter Brown originally scored the game 7/10 saying, “No Man’s Sky is immediately a massive game with impressive seamless transitions from ground to space, and it will entertain your inner collector for a while,” he said.

“The more you get to know it, the more you recognize its faults, and it’s easy to fall so deep into the act of exploring and trading that your focus narrows to those aspects alone. If, however, you consider everything it has to offer and listen to what Atlas has to say, No Man’s Sky becomes more than a collection of slightly different worlds in a seemingly never-ending galaxy–it becomes an examination of the meaning of life in a way that’s more valuable than all the gold or starships in its virtual galaxy.”

We will keep you up to date on details as soon as we have them.


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