No more Tinglish! New Facebook feature lets you write posts in multiple languages


Facebook has unveiled a new feature that allows users to write posts in multiple languages.

The world’s largest social network began testing its ‘multilingual composer’ tool on Facebook pages earlier this year but has now made the feature available to regular users.

“Page authors and other people on Facebook can compose a single post in multiple languages, and the viewers who speak one of those languages will see the post in their preferred language only – allowing people to more easily interact with their diverse audiences,” the company announced in a blog post.

This means that the post you have written in English, will be displayed in Thai for your Thai friends, German for your German friends and so on.

To use the new feature go to the language settings in your Facebook account and select the ‘Post in multiple languages’ option.

Then, next time you write a post, you will be able to select which languages your post will be displayed in.

The new feature works in 45 different languages, including Thai, with Facebook saying that as more people use it, the better the translations will become.

According to Facebook, almost half of its 1.5 billion users speak languages other than English.

Facebook has said it will use a number of different factors to help determine which language will be displayed in the post including user location as designated in their account settings, and also which language they predominantly post in.

The social network said the new feature aims to improve online translation capabilities and one day even remove any form of language barrier across Facebook.


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  1. Marinus Pemen on

    This will be a Disaster, if the translation of the language is the same as Google/twitter and a few others,,you will not be able to read/understand the text and get,, False/Wrong translation,,people won’t know what you’re talking about,,I have tried some translations ,,,THEY DONT WORK,,,