Rumours say no new iPad Air 3 this year, to focus on iPad Pro


Most industry watches seem to believe that a larger iPad Pro and a new, thinner and more powerful iPad Mini are due in the autumn, but Apple‘s main 9.7-inch tablet, the iPad Air 2, may be left out of the update this time around.

A new report out of Taiwan today says that Apple is not preparing a third-gen iPad Air for release in October, following on from another rumour earlier in the year that suggested the tablet would not be released until 2016.

iPad Air 3 delayed to 2016?

Even though Apple updated the iPad once a year since it was released in 2010, why would Apple not update it again this year? Here’s a few possible reasons, courtesy of 9to5Mac:

  • After releasing the iPad Air in 2013 and then redesigning its body and internals only a year later, in 2014, perhaps Apple’s iPad team decided to take a step back from the Air line and focus attention on the iPad mini, which only received a small update last year.
  • This prior point could also apply to the upcoming iPad Pro launch, which is likely taking many resources from Apple’s engineering departments.
  • What would an iPad Air 3 update have? Natural speculation points to a Force Touch display and perhaps stylus support. With the iPad Pro set to feature both of those additions as a new product line for Apple, the company would likely want the 12.9-inch model to debut the improvements before the existing Air line.
  • From a marketing and sales perspective, perhaps Apple wants to give the new iPad mini and iPad Pro the most stage time and spotlight in the market place. With the iPad Air 2 already including a thinner design than the current iPad mini and an A8X processor that fully supports iOS 9’s new split-view features, Apple could hold off on updating the device from a technology standpoint.

Many people believe that Apple will introduce a brand new larger model at the September 9th event alongside new iPhones and a long overdue refresh to the Apple TV. Apple normally holds events in September to show off the new iPhone, and a follow-up October event to focus on the iPad. If the company released a new iPad Mini and no new Air, it wouldn’t take up too much time in the keynote, allowing Apple to focus on the important iPad Pro in October…

There’s not long to wait now, so all will be revealed in a month or two.



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