No, you can’t get free internet from WhatsApp, don’t fall for latest scam


WhatsApp users are being targeted by a new scam which promises to give them free internet access, without needing to use wi-fi.

As with other WhatsApp scams, the message is spread across groups and by friends who recommend the offer – unaware it is actually a scam.

In this latest scam, victims are sent the message, which includes a link that when clicked, takes the user to another page informing them they have to share the message with 13 of their contacts in order to be able to activate the free internet service.


The spoof page looks credible and even includes fake comments from others who have supposedly used the free internet service.

The page even detects the victim’s location in order to redirect them to a page in their native language where they are asked to submit their personal details.

According to We Live Security, the end goal of the scam is generate money from the victim by signing them up to premium rate SMS services or even having malicious third party apps installed on their device.


WhatsApp works either using wi-fi or via a mobile data, meaning the free internet service offered in the scam does not exist.

We Live Security reports that WhatsApp users are increasingly being targeted by cyber criminals.

“The number of scams spreading through the messaging app WhatsApp keeps on increasing, with deceptive campaigns coming up with with novel ways of luring in victims,” the company said.

“This particular WhatsApp scam promises users a free internet service, without needing to use Wi-Fi.

“Despite being complete nonsense from a technical point of view, the offer may nevertheless appear tempting to those unaware of the realities.”

If you do receive the message claiming to offer free internet from Whatsapp, do not click on the link. You may also want to warn friends and contacts about the scam.


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