Nokia could be about to release a FOLDABLE smartphone


Nokia are now back in the smartphone market and they are rumoured to be about to reveal a device that will fold in half.

The patent was filed back in 2013 and is said to be a ‘typically Nokia’ design with the ‘clamshell’ hinge design and the smartphone may be appearing in stores sooner than we imagined.

The downside of the space-saving build is that all the hardware needs to be packed into the two halves which naturally means that it will be bulkier than many of its rivals.

Nokia patent

Foldable devices are expected to make something of a comeback in 2017 with both Samsung and LG expected to reveal similar folding models of their own.

Samsung have developed the concept of curved phones with the Galaxy Edge and are also the world’s leader in OLED market.

The benefit of these designs is that will be capable of opening up like a book which will appeal to those who enjoy reading eBooks or even watching films on their devices.

The Nokia 6, which is manufactured in conjunction with Chinese firm HMD Global, was revealed last month but it will initially only go on sale in China.

The device runs on Google’s Android software and it is expected that future devices made by the manufacturer will follow a similar vein.

Nokia are expected to reveal more devices at the Mobile World Congress next month, with the company due to expand into the virtual reality market, as well as the launch of a new health product, tipped to be a wearable device.


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