Nokia virtual reality device may be unveiled next week


Nokia is rumoured to announce its first-ever virtual reality (VR) product at an event next week in L.A. There have been no clues about the device’s functionality or appearance, but sources in the know claim that Nokia Technologies, the same group that came up with the Nokia N1 tablet, are in charge of the project.

Nokia to announce VR device

It makes sense that Nokia would be interested in the virtual reality sector. Lots of tech companies are currently developing products – HTC, Microsoft, Samsung and Google, for example. Perhaps the best known company in the space if Oculus, however. So it seems that the tech world is rather obsessed with virtual reality at the moment.

There have been some amazing VR products shown off over the past year or so, but Nokia’s rumoured entry is perhaps the most interesting, in no small part because of its position in the market.

Microsoft still owns Nokia’s phone business at the moment, but Nokia Technologies is completely independent and is one of the few large companies that isn’t restricted to making a device exclusively for one platform or operating system.

What will Nokia do with this freedom? Nobody is quite sure, but we’re eager to see what the company has secretly been working on when all is revealed sometime next week…

SOURCE: re/code.


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