North Korea accidentally lets the world access its internet and it’s pretty incredible


North Korea has accidentally made all of its websites available to the world.

Following a major online leak, it was discovered that North Korea has only 28 registered websites.

And such was the demand to look at the websites after researchers who found the leak posted it on Reddit and GitHub, the country’s whole online infrastructure was taken offline.

The collection of websites offer an unprecedented look at what life is like in North Korea, with propaganda a running theme across many of the sites. Other sites included news, tourist information and online libraries.

The leak occurred when a server used to host the country’s internet suffered a configuration error.

This meant that people outside of North Korea could access everything inside.

Air Koryo

Air Koryo – the websites of North Korea’s national airline



Friend - North Korea's social network

Friend – North Korea’s social network


Researcher Matthew Bryant was the one who discovered there are only 28 websites registered to North Korea’s .kp domain.

The full list of websites was posted on Reddit and included Air Koryo, the country’s only flight booking site, Korean Dishes, a culinary website and Friend, which seems to be a kind of social network.

As you might expect leader Kim Jong-un is a running theme throughout many of the websites, with a recent visit to a fruit farm the lead story on a number of sites.

According to Bryant, many of the sites were available in both English and Korean and were accessible to people outside of North Korea, although they were loading very slowly.



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