North Korea denies hacking Sony


A diplomat from North Korea has denied the country was behind the recent hacking attack on Sony Pictures.

The attack resulted in a number of unreleased films and trailers being leaked to the public and also caused the breakdown of Sony’s internal email system and computer network.

The diplomat, who was speaking in New York, said the recent speculation linking North Korea with the cyber attack was false.

According to the BBC, the diplomat, who wished to remain anonymous said linking North Korea to the cyber attack on Sony was a “fabrication targeting the country.”

The interview, which was held with broadcaster Voice of America, was the first time in which North Korea has not only spoken about the attack directly but also denied involvement.

North Korea, which it is said has a sophisticated cyber hacking unit, was also thought to have called on Chinese based hackers to get gain access to Sony’s internal computer systems and leaked confidential information of 6,000 of Sony’s employees.

“An act of war”

The attack is thought to be in response to the release of a comedy movie called The Interview, which is about a plot to assassinate Kim Jong-un. The Interview is set to be released on Christmas Day in the U.S and stars Seth Rogan.

The movie caused a lot of anger among North Koreans. In an open letter to UN secretary general Ban Ki-moon, Ja Song-nam, North Korea’s ambassador to the UN said it was “the most undisguised sponsoring of terrorism as well as an act of war.”

Internet security experts have also claimed the attack on Sony is similar to other attacks on South Korean banks which are thought to have been carried out Pyongyang earlier this year.




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  4. Repainted Thinner on

    On September 11, 2001, a man related to the Saudi royal family ordered a group of 19 terrorists, 15 of whom were from Saudi Arabia (others were from UAE, Egypt and Lebanon), to carry out the worst terror act in the western hemisphere.

    In retaliation, we invaded Iraq.

    So yeah, by all means, let’s blame a nation of primitive cave dwellers for carrying out a sophisticated attack against a multinational corporation (but somehow neglecting to mask their proxies), and let’s show them our “shock and awe”. Bring it on!

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