North Korea Internet resumes after 9 hour outage


In the continuing story of cyber-war, hacks, spies and lies, North Korea’s Internet is now back on after being down for more than 9 hours, according to Dyn Research, a company that monitors Internet performance.

The loss in connectivity for the secretive state comes amid strong words between the USA and North Korea over the recent cyber attack on Sony Pictures.

“It’s as if all the routes to get to North Korea just disappeared” according to Matthew Prince, who is the president of CloudFlare – an Internet security company. But after the outage, everything now appears back online and functioning as normal…

The rumours on the Internet are now wild with speculation over what happened – was it an individual that took down the North Korean Internet or a co-ordinated attack by the US?

That seems very unlikely at this point – but no doubt the Koreans will be pointing the finger at Obama’s administration. The breakdown in the country’s Internet brought down all the sites run by the dictatorship, according to South Korea news outlets. But there were no issues in accessing pages that sympathise with the regime that use foreign servers.

North Korea denies Sony hack

Korea Internet - Using Internet

As for the Sony hack, the USA has quite vocally blamed North Korea, who unsurprisingly denies any involvement. It’s all been caused by Sony’s new comedy “The Interview” and its plot to assassinate the country’s leader, Kim Jong Un. Now that movie has been pulled, Obama said it was  due to “an act of cyber vandalism that was very costly, very expensive”.

It is unknown what form of response the USA might take to the hacking incident, as Obama has previously stated that “proportionate responses” will be invoked, but that it didn’t constitute an act of war.

These incidents have raised the public’s awareness of cyber warfare, and it’s legitimately seen as a huge potential global threat to governments, industry and the public. Only time will tell what comes next in the escalating story.



  1. James Baker on

    The kid with the funny haircut is holding a floppy disk. Is this 1990 again?

  2. Giles Peach on

    The kid with the funny haircut who has already murdered several relatives, numerous people within his ‘inner circle’, and who knows how many others.
    I personally find it hard to stomach, let alone laugh at, this guy. He’s a cold blooded murderer and oppressor of millions who needs to be taken out.

  3. James Baker on

    I agree 100%. I made the comments because their internet went down (I think was taken down) and a floppy is a symbol of low tech.

    I don’t see how he can avoid an assassination at some point. His inner circle should be terrified of him.

    Merry Christmas