North Korea sets up its own Facebook clone – but it’s already been hacked


North Korea’s moves into social media or to be exact, a Facebook clone, has not got off to the start that they had perhaps hoped and wished for.

The brand new social media network which was being hosted in the notoriously strict and reclusive nation emerged earlier this week.

The site, which is called StarCon, modestly claims to be the ‘Best Korea’s Social Network’ and is in its appearance a clone of Facebook although they claim to have only take inspiration from the social media giant rather copy it altogether.

All sounds well at this stage except that all the direct links to StarCom appear to have been redirected to a completely unrelated YouTube video.

The reason for this was that the site had been hacked within hours by Scottish teenager Andrew McKean, and not an anonymous or expert hacker.

McKean told Motherboard that he could simply log into the site administrator by using the username ‘admin’ and, yes you’ve guessed it, ‘password’ as the password.

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Once online Andrew was in a position to change the site’s name, censor certain words as well as deleting users.

The 18 year old described his actions as ‘easy enough’ which will no doubt incur the wrath of StarCon even further.

If the site will return, or if we will ever know anymore about it remains unclear at this stage.


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