It’s not even a contest: iPhone 8 annihilates Galaxy Note 8 in new speed test


Apple’s iPhone 8 and iPhone Plus are annihilating the competition when it comes to speed and performance according to various benchmarking tests using Geekbench software.

The Apple devices outstripped the Samsung Galaxy S8, along with other various Android devices. It also outperformed the the new Core i5 MacBook and Dell’s flagship XPS13 laptop in some of the tests carried out by Tom’s Guide.

The superb performance is largely due to the processing power of Apple’s new A11 chipset, a six-core CPU, and a new Apple-designed GPU.

It is said that the processor in the new iPhone and iPhone 8 Plus is 25% faster than the earlier version, the A10 which featured in the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. However, when it comes to multicore processing, the A11 is roughly 80% faster.

The Geekbench scoring system uses a baseline score of 4000, which is the same performance as the Intel Core i8-6600U, so obviously a score of 8000 would be double the performance of that processor.

On that basis, for multicore performance, according to Geekbench, the iPhone 8 Plus scored 10,472 and the iPhone 8 scored 10,170.

The top performing Android device was the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and the Galaxy S8 which scored which scored 6,564 and 6,295, respectively. The Core i5 MacBook scored 9,213 and the Dell XPS13 scored 7,159.

Tom’s Guide also ran comparison tests between the Galaxy Note 8, S8 Plus and iPhone 8. The test scored each device on its ability to edit and export a 4K drone video two minutes in length.

It took three minutes and three seconds for the Note 8 to complete the task, while Samsung’s other flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S8+, took just over four minutes in total. The iPhone 8 did it in well under one minute – a total of 42 seconds.

The results of the comparison tests led Tom’s Guide to declare the iPhone 8 as “easily the fastest phone ever”.

The results are a massive feather in the cap of Apple and it is believed that Apple’s heavy involvement in the chip making process was one of the main factors in the A11’s success.


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