There are now more than 3 billion people using the internet worldwide


The total number of people using the internet has rocketed to more than 3 billion, according to a study by the International Telecommunications Union.

The ITU, which is part of the United Nations looks at computer and telecommunications usage throughout the world and is also responsible for developing technical standards and improving the way the world has access to information technology.

Its annual Measuring the Information Society Report, which was released at the end of November, lists the world’s most connected countries and also reveals in which countries internet usage has spread the quickest.

Perhaps surprisingly to some, Denmark ranked number one in the ITU’s Development Index for ICT, which focuses on a country’s level of ICT access, usage and skill set.

South Korea came in second, closely followed by Sweden, with other developed European countries making the top ten, including Iceland, United Kingdom, Norway, Netherlands and Finland.

The countries which saw the biggest increase in internet usage and which improved their rankings the most since the last study in 2013 was Thailand, Fiji, Cape Verde and UAE – all of which came for special praise for the ITU.

Internet usage globally is up 6.6% with the developing world, including the countries mentioned above seeing the biggest increase in usage. Developing countries now account for almost 30% of international bandwidth which is an increase of about 9% over the past decade.

The report also went on to give further information internet usage both on mobile and desktop and looked at how much new content is being created on the internet.

By the end of the year 2014, there will be some 7 billion mobile phone subscriptions, which is nearly as many people as there are in the world today.

It is this growth of mobile internet which has been key to allowing people in developing countries access to the web.

With the increase in users, unsurprisingly, this has resulted in an increase in online content. For example, a whopping 100 hours of video is added to YouTube every minute!