On-Demand Vision Testing Offered by Blink


Is your vision blurry? According to Jeanine Graves OD,  people have a tendency to avoid going to the eye doctor for regular vision testing due to long wait times. Blink is a new company that aims to provide on-demand vision testing.

Utilizing an app and specialized equipment that is small enough to fit in a suitcase, Blink allows users to check their vision in their home instead of going to a doctor’s office. This isn’t done completely by the user as a “visioneer” will be dispatched to a person’s home to conduct the screening.

A “visioneer” is not like a normal doctor and will simply ask a person basic eye-related questions, such as their current prescription. Using the Blink app and view-finder device, quick and easy tests are performed to correctly assess a person’s current eyesight needs.

Using a device called Netra, data is gathered on a person’s eyesight before being moved to the Netropter device, which will offer the user a way to test out their recommended prescription to make sure they are able to see clearly.

Blink is providing tests in New York with a cost of $75. Currently, the company can only prescribe eye glasses and is working on a solution to correctly measure a person’s eyes to offer contact lens prescriptions.



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