One Drop App Lets Diabetics Log and Share Information


Jeff Dachis is co-founder of Razorfish, a digital marketing agency. But Dachis also has another passion – health. With his new app, One Drop, diabetics can log and share information with each other. The new app launched in the App Store today.

Dachis’s motivation to create this app stems from his own health issues. Despite his efforts to eat healthy and exercise, Dachis was diagnosed with Type-1 diabetes at the age of 47. Doctors gave him a prescription and sent him on his way. Dachis felt like he wasn’t truly being cared for.

Dachis began searching for apps that could help improve his situation, but he came up short. He wanted an app that could help him manage four key components: insulin medication, glucose testing, activity logging and food. That’s when Dachis decided to take matters into his own hands and create his own app.

One Drop lets users input their insulin levels via a glucose meter. Users can also keep a food diary, track the effectiveness of their medication and their activities. Once you become a member, you can view other user profiles to see what they’re eating or how often they exercise. Users can offer encouragement by “liking” certain points on a person’s timeline. Ultimately, what One Drop does is let users develop a treatment plan that works best for them.


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