One of Android N’s best features will not be available on current Nexus devices


Google has said that the Android N seamless update feature, which is borrowed from the Chrome OS, will not be available on the current crop of Nexus devices.

The main benefit of seamless update is that apps and software update can automatically update in the background without interrupting device usage.

Implementing the seamless updates on the existing Nexus 5X or 6P would require taking apart the device, connecting it to a computer and basically reprogramming it, Google told Android Police.

There is however references to seamless updates in the latest N developer preview but it has been confirmed that these will not be available on existing devices.

In reality, it seems unlikely that seamless updates will be available on any existing Android device regardless of the manufacturer and we will only see new devices that will run Android N or above.

The first devices that are likely to feature seamless update will be the new series of Nexus devices which are expected later this year.

The seamless updates idea comes from Chrome OS in which two partitions are installed on the device.

One partition lets the users continue with what they are doing whilst the other is free to install updates allowing everything to happen in the background.

Once complete, the user reboots the device and continues as normal although it is expected to be a little slower than a hard reboot.


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