One of the iPhone’s best features could be coming to Windows 10 Creators Update


Microsoft has been keeping a watchful eye on their competitors improving features, with the tech giant set to include some features we may have seen elsewhere in its upcoming Windows 10 Creators Update.

Windows 10 will obviously retain some of the much loved features that have been such a hit since its launch but Creators Update is set to include some really useful but lesser known features too.

One of the new features is “lower blue light” and works in the same way as the night mode found on the iPhone and other similar features found on a number of new Android powered devices.

The feature woks by shifting the tone of colours from your screen in order to help lessen the impact of your eyes from staring at a bright screen in low light.

As always some users have had the opportunity to test the features as part of the Insider programme which looks to eliminate bugs and faults but also try out the new features including the lower blue light. Assuming that it proves popular, it will be included in the roll out in April.


Night shift mode on the iPhone. Image: MacRumours.

Apple’s night mode was introduced last year when the Cupertino firm rolled out its iOS 9.3 update.

Microsoft are trying to fit everything they can into the new Windows 10 Creators Update including a handy feature on the Edge browser that will allow you to preview each tab you have open without needing to leave the current page you are viewing.

Like most of the browsers, untrusted Flash content will now be blocked automatically improving the security and stability of your device.

There will also be added support for online payments if you use a Microsoft Wallet.

The downside is that Windows 10 is likely to include more adverts that previous editions as it aims to make the most of its updated Windows 10 Share tool.


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