One of the new features on the iPhone 7 Plus is totally useless


There are some things in life that appear to have no purpose – your appendix, nipples on men and non-alcoholic lager.

Now, one of the new features on the iPhone 7 Plus has just been added to this list – something that was spotted by eagle eyed users.

OK, they adjusted the headphone socket – that was controversial enough, but now iPhone owners have found a speaker grille in its place, the problem is there is no speaker behind the grille as a teardown repair company found when they took the device apart.

In a YouTube video, iFixit revealed that the new speaker grille essentially leads to to nowhere and is totally useless.

The space is instead filled up by a slightly larger battery, a larger haptic feedback system and a Taptic Engine.

So there is one question after all this, ‘why drill holes (needlessly) in a smartphone that you claim is waterproof?’

Perhaps we will never know but some Apple cynics may be able to come up with some conspiracy theories.


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