OnePlus is giving away free Cardboard VR headsets


It has been known now for a few weeks that Chinese company OnePlus was going to launch its second smartphone, the OnePlus 2, with a unique virtual reality (VR) angle. In a marketing effort to get more people paying attention to the launch, OnePlus is giving away cardboard VR viewers.

Free cardboard VR viewers from OnePlus

The only downside is that you have to pay shipping and handling costs for the cardboard VR viewer, which is around $5. That’s much more attractive a price however than the $20 (or higher) cost that some companies are charging for them.

OnePlus’ cardboard viewer is fairly standard however in terms of cardboard VR headsets, but the company says it has a compact and sturdy build.

Apparently, it even has a special coating to prevent the oils in your skin fro showing on the viewer – which is quite a handy feature for those people who are disgusted at cardboard VR headsets after just minutes of use.

The new OnePlus headsets start to ship on July 10th, which gives a few weeks before the July 27th launch of the OnePlus 2 smartphone…

Are you a virtual reality or OnePlus fan? If you have already tried Google Cardboard VR viewers then let us know in the comments below.

SOURCE: TheNextWeb.


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