OnePlus to unveil new device in April: not a smartphone, tablet or watch…


Many people will not have heard of OnePlus, as it’s a relatively new company that has only released one smartphone so far – the OnePlus One. It’s expected that the company will at some point the OnePlus Two, the successor to the first popular device, the company’s next product launch will be next month and it won’t be a smartphone. OnePlus recently confirmed to GSMArena that the new product will be launched soon.

New OnePlus device unveiled soon

Carl Pei OnePlus

OnePlus CEO, Carl Pei.

It does seem that their forthcoming product will definitely not be a smartphone, leaving us to wonder what in fact it might be. The company’s CEO Carl Pei told GSMArena that the company would enter a new product category – and before you think that it could be a smart watch or a tablet, Pei has confirmed that it definitely won’t be either of these.

Where does that leave us? There are of course lots of device and products that the company may be working on – for example, a television, a fitness tracker or smart band, or even a virtual reality headset. It might be a simple as accessories, or perhaps a software service like movie or music streaming.

It’s fairly open to speculation at this point, but if you’re interested to find out what OnePlus could be launching in April, check back with us in a few weeks to find out…



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