New OnePlus phone first to feature latest USB Type C port


There have been a few more details revealed about the forthcoming OnePlus 2 smartphone. Based on a tweet this week from the company, the new OnePlus 2 will be one of the first (more likely the very first) to come with a USB Type C port.

Why is the port so special? Because it’s reversible (so you can’t plug it in the wrong way), it offers very fast transfer speeds, and it can also be used to charge. It’s the very latest standard, and it’s going to be everywhere soon.

USB Type C comes to OnePlus 2

This is just one of the first bits of information that has been revealed about the highly anticipated phone from the company. The other piece of news was that the device’s CPU will be the somewhat controversial Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 chip – controversial because LG and Samsung have famously both eschewed the chip in favour of their own chips or less powerful Qualcomm chips, due to rumours about overheating.

OnePlus USB Type C TweetAfter the recent CPU announcement, OnePlus publicly said that they were very frustrated with the negative press about the troubled chip. The company says they’ve tested the hardware and that overheating will not be a problem. They also said the device won’t cost more than $322.

Why are the details of the OnePlus 2 leaking out so slowly? It seems that the company enjoys teasing every little spec about the new phones one detail at a time. That’s what happened last year, and it seems they’re doing the same again this time around…



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