OneTab: Reduce clutter and make Chrome run smoother with this one extension


We have all been guilty of having numerous tabs open at one time or another and finding that your laptop or computer is becoming more and more sluggish as Chrome is using up more resources than device can spare.

Fortunately, there are ways to reduce this clutter without closing the window completely. One popular solution is the extension OneTab that works on both Chrome and Firefox.

OneTab works by opening up a tab all of its own that offers a tidy list of the tabs that you had open along with a link to that page.

When you are finished with the page, just click ‘X’ in the usual manner and it will be removed from the list. This reduces both the mess and the usage.

Another advantage of OneTab is that it easily provides a place for you to keep links if you want to use them somewhere else later, like sharing them via email or social media.

If you are doing research and you want links to all the pages that you have open, you can create a shortcut to the OneTab list.

This also works if you want to send links or a web page to a friend and you want to show them the links.

The only downsides of OneTab is that when you click on link it doesn’t show you the previous history and the pages that you were on before and secondly, Chrome offer something similar already called “Bookmark Open Tabs” however this involves deleting the bookmarks afterwards.

Regardless of which option you choose it appears that Chrome is doing all they can to try and streamline you desktop and allow your computer to run more efficiently.


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