Online messages in Thailand about passing of His Majesty number 15.8 million


Online messages related to the passing of His Majesty the King have been estimated at 15.8 million over the last 12 days.

The estimates are made by tech monitors who look out for key words and the findings were reported by S-Sense Watch on Tuesday.

In the period 13th to 25th October there were thought to be 15.8 million comments of which 90 percent were in the Thai language and 10 per cent in 50 other languages.

Some 2.7 million of these were made on the 13th, the day of the king’s passing.

Top key words used in the Thai language were as follows:

Nai Luang (common language way to refer to His Majesty) 968,000
Phra Ong (more refined way to refer to His Majesty) 94K
Sadet (proceed or procession) 74K
Phrarachinee (Queen) 72K
Ratchakarn thee (number of the reign) 58K
Khon Thai (Thai people) 45K

The top three hashtags used in the period were as follows:

#kingbhumibol 65,000
#raoraknailuang (we love the king) 56K
#long live the king 43K

In addition the hashtag #kingbhumipol that utilized the incorrect spelling of His Majesty’s name was used 10,000 times.

Via: Thai News Agency


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