OnLive to Shut Down, Sells Assets to Sony


Sony will be purchasing OnLive as the company plans to shut down its operations. Sony will be purchasing all of OnLive’s gaming assets. This is a major move in the gaming industry as Sony will now have a wide selection of intellectual property that was once owned by OnLive.

Sony has been known to buy companies that will allow Sony games to be played on multiple platforms. One of the biggest patents that will be transferred to Sony is OnLive’s cloud gaming solution. This allows older, less-powerful devices to run games that would normally require more resources. This is done all on the cloud where processing is handled through OnLive’s servers and a real-time video stream is sent to the user.

Sony has stated that the purchase of OnLive demonstrates the company’s commitment to help shape the way games are played.

Current users of OnLive will have access to the company’s services until April 30. Afterwards, the service will be shut down completely. Any customers that have had their subscription renewed on March 28th or later will receive a refund.

OnLive was a revolutionary company that had initial growth struggles due to not being able to meet the demands of gamers in terms of resolution and frames per second in their games. Sony will be able combine the company’s technology with their resources to meet gamer demands.


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