OnShape Launches Public Beta for Their Hybrid Cloud CAD Platform


OnShape launched their public beta this morning with a revolutionary way to share and collaborate on CAD designs. The company has been working on their CAD platform for over three years and raised $64 million to help the team develop an advanced, updated platform for designers.

Solidworks, the current leader in the industry, is now 20 years old. The team behind OnShape built off of their knowledge of SolidWorks to allow new functionality that will make designs simpler and faster to complete. Many past employees for SolidWorks, including its founder, are on the OnShape team.

OnShape offers a hybrid cloud platform. Designers can edit their designs and share them among devices and other computers in real-time. This entire process is done in the user’s browser.

Complex designs and rendering are handled behind the scenes. When a design needs to calculate surfaces and motion, the processing will be done on the cloud and rendered on the end user’s browser. Even computers not able to handle the processor-intensive computations will be able to create complex designs thanks to the OnShape infrastructure.

Current users testing out the beta product stated that designs can even be edited right from smartphones. The interface is mobile-friendly and allows on-the-fly edits to be made by designers virtually anywhere, providing they have internet connectivity.

Collaboration can also be done using the real-time collaboration system. This allows engineers to be able to collaborate together using viewpoints. Engineers will also be able to work on certain product designs separately and later merge them when needed. The introduction of a cloud interface allows businesses to reduce the costs of hefty hardware upgrades and software licenses.

OnShape currently has 1,000 users and hopes to expand this user base as they roll out more features in the coming months. The team plans to launch draft modes soon.

Professional subscription plans are available for teams, as well as free subscription plans for individual users.