Oops…Did Samsung just get caught trying to copy the Apple Watch?


It has been revealed that Samsung allegedly tried to use drawings of the Apple Watch when attempting to file a patent for a new wearable device.

It is of course not unusual for tech companies to seek inspiration from one another, but the accusation being held against Samsung could be the Korean company’s cheekiest move to date.

According to Patently Apple, Samsung filed a patent in January with drawings which clearly show what looks to be an Apple Watch.

Alongside what appears to be an identical wristband, the square faced watch included in the patent also includes a digital crown – which is of course a major design feature of the Apple Watch and something which Samsung has never previously included on any of its smartwatches.

Apple Samsung Patent

Image: USPTO

Patently Apple goes on to say that Samsung’s patent describes the drawings as “views illustrating diverse shapes, structures, and materials of a first strap portion or a second strap portion in a wearable device”.

The site goes on to slam Samsung, declaring : “Once again, Samsung is caught trying to copy an Apple idea and even using Apple patent design figures and not clarifying that they’re from Apple.

“Although it’s shameful and sleazy, it’s certainly not surprising.”

Samsung has been looking at ways to try and boost its Samsung Gear smartwatch after it was almost left for dead both in terms of features and sales by the Apple Watch.

This also isn’t the first time Samsung has tried to mimic Apple – or Apple try to mimic Samsung for that matter.

iPhone 5s

In June, the US Supreme Court ruled in favour of Apple, giving the Cupertino company the green light to secure hundreds of millions in damages from Samsung over infringements in some of its smartphone design patents.

The world’s two biggest smartphone manufacturers have been at loggerheads over patents since 2011, when Apple sued Samsung for allegedly infringing on the patents, trademark and design of the iPhone.

Samsung later appealed part of the $548 million it was made to pay Apple last December.

Samsung said that $399 million of the amount, which was awarded for copying the design of the rounded corners of the iPhone, along with the grid of icons and bezel, is too much adding that they only marginally contributed to what is an otherwise very complex product.


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