OPPO Super VOOC can fully charge a battery in just 15 minutes


It is subject that we touch upon a lot here at ThaiTech and if like us, you are will also likely face problems with the battery life of your smartphone. It seems the phones evolve but the batteries don’t and whilst attempts are always being made to rectify this, what is being done in the short term?

If we could fully charge our phones in a matter of minutes that would be a huge step in the right direction. Perhaps OPPO have developed just the thing with their Super VOOC fast charging technology.

So how does it work?

The new device uses a new low-voltage pulse charge system which is basically a brand new dynamic algorithm for current regulation. The new system is capable of fully charging a standard 2500mAh smartphone battery in an OPPO phone in around 15 minutes. To achieve this OPPO have had to upgrade the charger, the adapter and the cable connector – often a troublesome area with smartphones, using military grade material.

OPPO have been cagey about what they have chosen to reveal about the new superfast battery charging technology. They don’t tell us how they achieve it or how long it took to develop but they are keen to highlight the benefits and frankly who can blame them?

The low voltage is safer and offers more stability, there are no temperature spikes or overheating problem (another common problem with smartphones) and you can use your phone whilst it is charging. OPPO Super VOOC is also compatible with both MicroUSB and USB Type-C adaptors.

Although we have seen claims of this type of technology countless times in the past it looks like OPPO may actually be on to something. The device is expected to available on commercial products in the near future and should be available here in Thailand.

Source: OPPO


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