Ouch! Don’t drop the iPhone X: Here’s how much a replacement screen will cost


The long awaited iPhone X will finally be released in major markets on November 3rd.

It will Apple’s most expensive iPhone to date but it is not only the device that’s expensive, repairs are too.

A broken screen, a common problem, will set you back $275 (THB9,150) according to figures reported by MacRumors.

However, if you decide to opt for the AppleCare+ extended warranty program when you purchase your device for $199 (THB6,650) then all repairs will be covered, or so you would think.

This sounds great, until you read the small print, where you are only covered for two instances of accidental damage. Damage it for a third time and you could be looking at a bill for $549 (THB18,250).

AppleCare+ extends the basic warranty for problems with the battery or headphone jack for instance, but this is only adding an additional year’s cover.

The iPhone X is certainly impressive, both in terms of its features and its appearance. The problem is that the new device also has a glass rear in addition to the glass display – something that is prone to damage.

That said, Apple has claimed the glass on the iPhone 8 and iPhone X is much stronger than earlier models, so it could be harder to break.

While there is no word yet on when the iPhone X will be released in Thailand, Apple has demand for the iPhone X elsewhere is “off the charts” with new orders now expected to expected to take five to six weeks to ship.


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