A paperless Thailand: Plans for 700 Thai government agencies to go online


BANGKOK:– Thailand’s Electronic Government Agency (EGA) has announced new plans to introduce a complete cloud storage system to more than 700 Thai government agencies.

The plans to move the bulk of Thailand’s government computer infrastructure to the cloud would be a dramatic change and shift in culture in Thailand, where bureaucracy and paperwork are the norm when dealing with governmental organisations.

However, the EGA believe cloud computing would also improve the way the government is able to provide administrative services to people in Thailand.

The requirement for Thai people to submit a paper copy for their national ID card when dealing with a government agency would be a thing of the past.

Speaking to The Nation, Sak Segkhoonthod, president and chief executive officer of the Electronic Government Agency said: “We will encourage more government organisations to use Government API to provide services so people do not need to copy their national ID cards in paper form.”

Mr Sak added that a small number of government agencies, including the offices for National Health Security and Social Security are using the Government API service which enables the use of smart identity cards and paperless services.

Pic: The Nation/EGA

Pic: The Nation/EGA

Mr Sak also said that the next step for the EGA is to get the agencies which offer the most services to people in Thailand to start using the government cloud system. These agencies include the ministries for Education, Labour and Public Health.

The benefits of moving to a cloud based system would allow the government agencies to lower operational costs and reduce the chances of human error.

The EGA will work with the Software Industry Promotion Agency (SIPA) and Software Park Thailand to help further develop the cloud system. A total of 400 government departments, 7,000 district administration organisations, 800 government hospitals and 30,000 schools have been identified as potential users of the system.

The EGA has also announced plans to launch a government app centre which will make it easier for people to access government services via their smartphone or tablet.

The news from the EGA to introduce a cloud based system across all government departments in Thailand comes a day after Prime Minister Prayut ordered the development of an IT system that will link all government databases so that agencies could share information more easily.

What do you think about the EGA’s plans to make a ‘paperless Thailand’?

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  1. Thailand has been calling out for this to happen for a long time; how much paper would be saved by enabling Thai nationals to swipe their ID cards, tabien baan, vehicle registration documents etc instead of having to provide paper copies (sometimes in triplicate).

  2. Total control of the Government over all information … a tyrants dream come true !!!

  3. Kc Bechtolt on

    Now if they can learn to drive, speak English and stop dumping their sh*t along the road, there may be hope!

  4. Tony McEvoy on

    One of the major considerations for paperless transactions would surely entail the immigration department with all their copies upon copies for all applications. !!!!!

  5. ChrisWard99 on

    I agree. If this happens it will be a good thing and is much needed imo.