Paramount Channel to Launch in Thailand


It has been announced that Viacom’s Paramount Channel will launch in Thailand and deepen the company’s presence in Asia.

The launch in Thailand will be Viacom’s first steps into this market as they see the opportunities from growing a wider portfolio of adult-targeted programmes and brands with the well known Paramount channel appearing to be the perfect vehicle by which to do this.

The channel which first appeared in Spain back in 2012 has been one of the fastest growing brands of the VIMN corporation and since this first appearance in Spain has gone on to Latin America, France and Eastern European countries such as Russia, Hungary and Romania with plans for a launch into Italy expected to go ahead by the end of February 2016.

VIMN will show the programmes via the ever expanding CTH network that is already well known for showing the British Premier League. The Paramount Channel will launch in May via CTH’s satellite TV and streaming services.

Very little has been announced about the financial side of the deal but it is said to include a licensing deal for MTV Thailand.

CTH will manage the advertising sales in conjunction with VIMN Asia for both channels.

Mark Whitehead, Executive Vice President and Managing Director of VIMN Asia said “The introduction of Paramount Channel in Asia is a key, strategic step in deepening our presence both in Thailand and in Asia, while expanding our portfolio of adult-targeted brands.”

Amarit Sukhavanij the CEO of CTH was equally delighted and chose to draw emphasis on the fact that it would be the first 24 hour movie channel that would be available to their subscribers.

After the launch in Thailand, the Paramount Channel will have a global reach to over 90 million households.


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