Password free logins may arrive on Android by the end of 2016


Google has recently been conducting a major research project to look into ways of allowing users to securely access apps on their Android phones without the need for a password.

The research project known as Project Abacus will use the phone’s sensors to gather data about the user.

The technology will be able to recognise things such as typing style, walking gait, location and even face to match the information that Google already knows about you, reported Techcrunch.

The device will then calculate a “trust score” to decide how confident it is that you really are the person who is intended to be using the device.

Providing you meet the minimum requirement for the trust score and you have previously authorised your phone to access the account of a particular app, then you will be able to access the app without ever needing to enter a password or PIN.

The project was initially announced at the 2015 Google I/O conference with the timeline for the project recently revealed.

It announced that “several large financial institutions” will have be able to use Abacus from next month and if trials prove successful then Android developers will be able to use the technology to develop password free logins by the end of the year.


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