PayPal Introduces One Touch Checkout


PayPal has started rolling out a one-touch payment system that allows customers to checkout without ever having to enter their username and password again. Known as One Touch for Web, the new system is an extension of the company’s previous mobile efforts.

One Touch mobile payments were announced last year. PayPal’s system was built on the technology the company acquired from Braintree. Initially, the system was only used on a handful of websites. Today, sites like Airbnb, Munchery and Lyft have incorporated one-touch payments into their mobile checkout process. Many are reporting a 50% increase in conversions since adopting the system.

The idea behind One Touch was to make it easier for people to make purchases on mobile devices without having to continually enter their username and password.

With One Touch for Web, users can now enter their username and password once, and then they’ll be able to pay on merchant sites without having re-authenticate. PayPal will automatically enable the system on most of the platform’s current merchants.

The launch of this new system comes as Stripe, a major PayPal competitor, has made some serious advances in the online payment industry. The company processes billions of dollars each year for thousands of businesses, including Reddit, Shopify, Rackspace, Dailymotion and Foursquare.

The New One Touch for Web system will arrive in the U.S. and expand into other countries in the coming months.


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