Pebble Time Raises Over $500,000 in 17 Minutes


Pebble is not a newcomer to Kickstarter. The company originally grew its idea on Kickstarter and has been wildly successful. Pebble opened up a new campaign as more of a stunt, states CEO Eric Migicovsky, but their campaign proved just how popular smartwatches are.

An initial fundraising goal of $500,000 was raised within just 17 minutes. Currently, the campaign has raised over $2.5 million for their new watch.

Pebble Time, the company’s new smartwatch includes a timeline interface. The interface keeps wearers up to date with their daily schedule. The LCD screen will update to alert the wearer what they should be doing at this time. Working out, picking up the kids or any other task can be added right into the phone at any time.

Pebble Time smartwatch

A company spokesperson states, “the best interface is time.” Wearers will be able to keep track of their daily routines without needing a personal planner. The timeline will connect with apps, calendars and alarms so that it’s always up to date and easy to access.

Always on, the screen has a backlight that ensures readability is not an issue no matter what time of day it is. Smaller in size, the company redesigned the band so that any 22mm band can be used. New battery technology allows the watch to run for 7 days without needing to be recharged.

Pebble Time has broken down smartwatch barriers, states the company, and offers compatibility for iPhone 4 and above. Android 4.0+ will also be compatible with the watch tested with HTC, Samsung, Google, Motorola and dozens of other popular Android phones.

Pebble states that the company wanted to give back to the Kickstarter community and offer Pebble Time to backers first. The watch will retail at $199, but backers will receive their own Pebble Time for $159.


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