Pebble Unveils Pebble Time Steel and Smartstrap System


On the heels of the announcement of Pebble Time, Pebble unveiled another new product Tuesday: Pebble Time Steel. Like its name suggests, the new smartwatch is made of stainless steel, but still comes equipped with the same software and interface as the original Pebble Time.

Pebble Time Steel’s case comes in silver, black and gold finishes. What’s interesting about the Steel version is that it manages to add an extra three days to the maximum battery life. In total, the watch could last ten days on a single charge. That puts Pebble Time Steel way ahead of the competition.

If you were looking for exciting new features with the Steel watch, you’ll be in for a disappointment. The watch features the same shape, same water resistance, a built-in mic and even an e-color paper display. The only real difference between the original Pebble Time and its Steel counterpart is the design. Pebble says it’s aiming for the professional crowd with the Steel watch, whereas the original Pebble Time is aimed at a casual, sporty crowd.

One thing that Pebble is introducing is a new accessory: Smartstraps. Smartstraps allow third party developers to build add-ons to either watch through watchband enhancements.
pebble steel in silver

Hardware makers can take advantage of the port on the back of the watch and the quick release band to add new features to the watch through sensors, batteries and other electronics. GPS chips and heart rate monitors are just two examples Pebble has suggested. Environmental sensors could even give you information on the temperature and air quality.

The Smartstraps system has the potential to really take Pebble Time’s and Pebble Time Steel’s functionality to the next level. How far the functionality goes will depend on how avid third party developers are on creating new hardware for these watches. But Pebble has already confirmed that they have partners on board. The company plans to start shipping their Smartstraps later this year.